“You are never the same person when you finish a book—even one that is read purely for escape or entertainment. A conviction may take root or deepen, the imagination may be sparked, a new perspective may dawn.” –Philip Yancey

Wonder by R.J. Palacio is a must read. It is the touching story of a young boy, who feels ordinary, but whose face causes him to stand out. Born with dramatic facial differences, 10-year old August faces more than the typical ups and downs of middle school. 

Although this book is written for the 8-12 year old age group, it’s readers do and should span all ages. Broken up into sections, we hear not only from August, but also from his sister, friends, and others, over the course of one year. 

First time author Palacio masterfully depicts the inner-workings of each character in Wonder, providing many sides to the story, while skillfully avoiding the traps of repetitiveness. 

Wonder simply and elegantly portrays complex emotions in a book that is heartwarming overall, but occasionally brings you close to tears. I would highly recommend giving this book the few hours of your time that it would take to read. 

Why I picked it up: It was recommended to me by my aunt, who had read it with her young daughter. 

Why I finished it: It oxymoronically is a light read with a deep and thought-provoking plot. 

Who I’d recommend it to: Everyone. I think there are very few books that fall in the everyone category, but this is definitely one of them. 


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