Unbroken: A World War II Story of Survival, Resilience, and Redemption


“When he thought of his history, what resonated with him now was not all that he had suffered but the divine love that he believed had intervened to save him.” -Laura Hillenbrand, Unbroken

I know I’m behind the curve on reading this. After all Unbroken, by Laura Hillenbrand, has been on the New York Times Bestseller’s list for more than three years. Even though it’s now out in paperback, it is still a hardcover nonfiction bestseller (as well as #1 on the paperback nonfiction bestseller’s list).

But still, as possibly my favorite book that I’ve ever read and from experience working in a bookstore and encountering people that have also missed the memo that this book is unforgettable and undeniably amazing, I think it deserves a review.

Unbroken is a book that could be two books, three books, or even four books. Louis Zamperini lived (he unforutnately passed away recently) a life that goes from troublesome boy to internationally-known runner to prisoner of war and survivor to inspirational speaker. It is incredible what he endured- so incredible that if this book had been fiction, you probably would’ve laughed at the implausibility.

Even more astonishing is the thread of hope and unrelenting determination that exists throughout the book and the ultimate message of forgiveness that Zamperini lives by in the aftermath of his hardships.

It is a combination of both Zamperini’s story and Hillenbrand’s ability to write that makes this book such a hit. Both heartbreaking and heartwarming, the book sets up readers to constantly be shocked and moved as Zamperini’s powerful story is revealed in details carefully researched by Hillenbrand.

There is so much packed into each page that it is the type of book that would typically take me a while to get though, but Unbroken is so riveting that it is hard to put down.

Why I picked It up: Everyone kept telling me it was a must-read.

Why I finished it: Because they were all right.

Who I’d recommend it to: Everyone from middle school on up should read Unbroken.

Also, Unbroken is released at movie theaters December 25th, 2014. I highly recommend reading the book before then. Watch the Unbroken Trailer here.


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